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The Instant Health Card Difference

Instantly start saving up to 85% on all FDA approved prescription drugs

Get a Prescription Discount Card that you can use instantly and start saving up to 85% on all FDA approved prescription drugs. Our cardholders save an average of over $200 per year for FREE!

*The pharmacies represented are not sponsors of the prescription discount card or otherwise affiliated with this company. The logos and other identifying marks attached are trademarks of and owned by each represented company and/or its affiliates. Please visit each company’s website for additional terms and conditions.

The IHC Difference

IHC and its partner Discount Drug Network offers health consumers a free, simple-to-use Prescription Discount Card that enables everyone, regardless of age, income, or insurance status, to save on Rx drugs.

Insurance can be confusing. The costs keep going higher while the coverage seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Who can you count on to have your back in the health care world?

At Instant Health Card, we’ve got your back

We put you in the driver’s seat and help you become your own advocate. We save our cardholders time and money by filling in the gaps that insurance and Medicare don’t cover. For our cardholders without insurance, we do our best to make health care affordable and accessible.

In short, we provide easy access to the largest collection of the best discounts available in the industry. Period.

How do free prescription discount cards work?

When people join together to purchase in large quantities, everyone saves! Discount Drug Network, provider of the Prescription Discount Card, covers millions of people and leverages the power of group purchasing to negotiate these discounts on behalf of our members. Just call or go online for help looking up drug pricing at your local pharmacy.

The pharmacies agree to let our members get discount pricing (just like they do already for insurance customers) because they want our business! They not only give our members fantastic discounts, but they also pay us a small transaction fee each time we process a prescription through our network. This allows us to continue to operate, grow, and save our members money!


"I was very skeptical"

I was very skeptical at first of the Prescription Discount Card. It's hard to believe something free could be legit. I must say, however, that I was pleasantly surprised. I've used this card 3 times now and 2 of the 3 times it gave me a price that was lower than my insurance co-pay. I love the search tool on the website too!

Jose Hernandez

"One of our patients just saved $90!"

A patient used it for an antibiotic prescription that they looked up the price for online and it was going to cost over $100 but with her Prescription Discount Card she paid $10 instead. The patient was thrilled! You have a great product.

Lorrie Dombek

Family Practice Associates

"Great pharmacy and customer help by phone!"

I used this card at my Walmart and the pharmacist said it wouldn't work at his store. I asked him to call the pharmacy help number on the card and they explained to him that his pharmacy DOES participate... And I saved $39 off my prescription from what I was prepared to pay! WOW. Thank you Discount Drug Network!

DDN Member

(Required anonymity)

"My Rx was cheaper than my insurance co-pay with the Prescription Discount Card!"

My Rx was cheaper than my insurance co-pay with the Prescription Discount Card! My co-pay is $10 for generics but the pharmacist checked the price with the Prescription Discount Card and it was only $6.50!

Mary Carpenter

"Several patients have applauded your Prescription Discount Card!"

Having received several different prescription discount cards in our medical office over the past six months, I did not know which were viable and credible. Several patients have applauded your Prescription Discount Card and told me how much money they were saving at the pharmacies by using your card.

Connie Hudson

Men's Health Orlando

"LOVE this Prescription Discount Card!"

LOVE this Prescription Discount Card saved $144.40 on one Rx and $57.69 on another RX!!!! Thanks so much!!!

Susan Alexander Brown

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